#but like look at that expression #when steve’s looking at him and he’s being happy for steve #because steve was always the hero but he never had the physical strength to do what he had just done #and bucky was trying to show him that he’s proud of him and that he’s happy for him #that his body matches the heart inside of him #because steve’s a hero #but steve looks away and he chokes on a lump in his throat and tries to swallow back tears #because now that steve has changed he doesn’t need bucky protecting him and he may forget about him #bucky’s afraid that steve is going to change that he is only going to be captain america and no longer steve rogers #a kid from brooklyn #he’s scared steve is going to get hurt and bucky can’t let that happen #he’s been protecting steve his entire life and promised he always would #that’s why he went to war #so that steve didn’t have to #and yet there steve was #and so everything that bucky went through all of that torture at hydra seemed to him like it meant nothing #and that he’ll be nothing more than steve’s shadow and steve will have more important #better things and people in his life #’who would want me’ he thinks #”i’m alone and i’m going insane”#but he swallows all of that and throws it to the recesses of his mind #because this is steve #it’s his best friend and his family and his home #it’s all he has left #but he’s losing his best friend and on top of that he’s losing himself

i feel like kara is the only one who gets me