Track: Dirt Room
Artist: Blue October
Album: Approaching Normal

Blue October - Dirt Room
Approaching Normal



The Worry List | Blue October

Thank you guys.

It feels like my heart is made of pure steel, It’s just so heavy all the time.

Track: Congratulations
Artist: Blue October
Album: Foiled
I’m living just to watch it all go by.
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I’ve been finding out that I have what this world calls friends.
I’ve tried to push them all away,
They push me back and wanna stay
And that’s one good thing I have.

I’m gonna feel a peace in me,
I’m gonna feel at home.
I’m gonna make this cloud above me disappear, be gone.
I wanna feel a punch inside, my heart beat on the floor.
I don’t wanna hurt no more.

Track: What if We Could
Artist: Blue October
Album: Foiled

Blue October - What If We Could